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How does it work? You can book Live Artistry at about any event. I have painted and sketched at many events from weddings and baby showers to business Christmas parties. With weddings being the most popular, you will find pricing on this page for that purpose. However, please feel free to reach out about your event for more specific details and pricing! With Live Artistry, sketches and paintings are rendered quickly allowing guest to watch the works develop from a blank canvas to a completed piece in the time that they are there. My work is often focused around the atmosphere we create, I draw inspiration from and feed off of the energy of people. Therefore, I take pleasure in on-site artistry. It's a unique experience for both guest and me.

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The Paintings

Live paintings are completed on a 16x20 canvas. Normally only one larger painting is all that time allows within an event. However, Guest will be able to see the entire process from start to finish over the course of the event. Remember, I am not your photographer, I aim to capture the event as a whole in a way unique to painting only. The finished result is very lively and bold, showcasing movement and atmosphere. Live painting is available with both the Half and Full Day wedding packages and is completed during the reception portion of the day.

Half Day Wedding Package
Full Day Wedding Package

$1,200 | painting only *tax and travel not included
$2,400 | sketches & painting 
*tax and travel not included

The Sketches

Sketches are the best way to capture multiple moments at your event. With each sketch taking roughly 15 minutes, they are full of energetic mark making and loose character. Unlike the painting, you will get several sketches at the end of the event. The finished works are 8x10 keepsakes ready to frame or gift to others. Live sketching is an option with both the Half and Full day wedding packages and is completed within the "getting ready" portion of the day with the final sketch being of the ceremony. 

Half Day Wedding Package
Full Day Wedding Package

$1,200 | sketches only *tax and travel not included
$2,400 | sketches & painting *tax and travel not included

Photos From The Events

Each event is unique and brings its own moments to capture. Here are a few photos from events in the past to give you an idea of how I may be able to fit into yours!



Live Event Artistry

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