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How does it work? Chances are you already have an idea of the subject you want portrayed- a child, a family member, a home, or destination? Finding a couple of photos as options to use is better than having just one. Next, you will want to see what medium you prefer. You may choose this based off of style, budget, preference, or size. Sometimes, I find that clients have a hard time choosing. I am here to help! Your photo and size preference may better fit with a certain type of media. I am happy to talk through those things. Next, you will reach out through the email below with your photographs, and ideas of size and medium. I will then provide you with a total, and after receiving your downpayment, will get your painting scheduled to begin as soon as possible! (Lead times vary based upon medium and work load volume.)

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The best option for larger works or close up portraits.Oil paint is a traditional material that carries a bold and vibrant look. These paintings are completed on canvas and free hand painted from the start with a very painterly character.


1 figure | $231
1 figure | $480

2 figure | $308
2 figure | $640


A great option for a smaller painting and a lower budget. Watercolor is a more delicate material with a soft but detailed look. Most begin with a basic outline of your photo already transferred to high quality art paper, allowing them to be a bit less in price while retaining precise accuracy. In portraits, backgrounds are normally omitted so that individuals stand out.

8 x10

1 figure | $110
1 figure | $145

2 figure | $210
2 figure | $270


Good for small, simple, black and white works. Pencil Drawings are very classic and delicate in look. They are completed on high quality drawing paper and free handed from the start giving them great character.

8 x10

1 figure | $80
1 figure | $115

1 figure | $155
1 figure | $215


An inexpensive fun option! Pen contour sketches are modern and basic. Completed on art quality cardstock, these simple outline based sketches are free handed and look great with names or wording labeled on. 

5 x7
8 x10

1 figure | $20
1 figure | $25

2 figure | $35
2 figure | $40

Commissioned Work

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